Monday, February 11, 2013

TGF Travel Anya Tumbler

Today I would like to share this amazing gift I received from a dear crafting buddy of mines, Kathy from Pixie Boutique.
I often tell Kathy is to blame for my wallet feeling lighter after showing me all the great things the craft world has to offer, but in reality it's been nothing but amazing and I love everything from my stamps to copic markers.
Kathy has been amazing buddy thru out all these years, besides being a great crafting buddy she's been nothing short of being amazing friend seeing me thru my good times and bad times.
I can't wait to continue our crafting journey together!!!
Years ago, we got together like we always do when we have a project in mind to accomplish.
We each made a tumbler, but shortly after I dropped mine and I never got around to making a new one.  One day, Kathy surprised me a bag of crafting goodies, and in the bag was a custom made tumbler, almost exactly the same as the one I broke years ago, but million times better!!!
Here is the picture of the tumbler Kathy made for me using TGF Travel Anya

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  1. You are too kind with your words =) I am so happy to have you do the crafting damage still til this day...LOL Hope you are enjoying that mug that is long overdue...To many crafting good times ahead!!