Saturday, May 26, 2012

Been super busy

I know it is been super long since the last time I've posted...
Life has been rather busy, but mostly because my craft space has been impacted with furniture and different items that we've been accumulating before our move.  It's been really hard to get to my craft space let alone get motivated to do so. 
Below is some items I've put together soon during this time.
I made this notebook I made for April swap using Fairwee Josie
Birthday Card using Latte Kiki La Rue
Swap Card using SOG Beach Buddies


  1. Hey Linda, great job on the pretty notebook and sweet cards. Hope you get your craft area back soon.

  2. Great sets of cards and I'm sure they all enjoyed them too... Hope you are enjoying your weekend... maybe you can get your craft space back into shape again....

  3. These are all so cute! Love the variety!

  4. Linda, I received the swap card last week. Thanks for the cute card, perfect especially since Thursday is last of day of school, and I will begin my summer vacation! Love the color combos! Have a great summer!