Friday, April 13, 2012

Secret Swap for February

I had Leanne for a swap sister in February.  I call Leanne guru, since she is my arts and crafts guru.  If you haven't been by Leanne's blog, you definitely need to hop on over to check it out.  She's basically introduced me to everything and anything in my art supply bin.
So when I received Leanne for a swapper, I was supper excited, yet a little nervous figuring out what do... What do I make for someone that makes these amazing cards and projects.
I decided to put together a frame for her using Ayako from Sister Stamps.


  1. hehehe, I still lol when you and Kathy call me that! I am so not, but love that you all think so. We must do another craft session like last time. I love my frame and have to pick just the right picture to put inside. Thanks again Linda, it was a really nice swap!! Happy Friday!

  2. Super awesome frame! I still gotta try that one day!

  3. Aww I heart Leanne, too! What a great frame! You colored Ayaka beautifully!

  4. Beautiful frame! Leanne is very blessed to be your swap sister ...

  5. WOWSER....this is a "winna." It would make an awesome gift too. Happy Sunday.