Monday, March 5, 2012

Tired Mondays....

Oh it's Monday again, oh how hard it is to get to work every Monday morning, after a nice couple days offs, and nothing completed on my to do list that I set to conquer over the weekend. I did get some crafting in.
A friend of mine isn't her chipper self lately, but she's been a trooper... so I decided to make a card for her to tell her to keep fighting!!! (I learned that from korean drama's... FIGHTING!!!)
As I decided to use SOG Heartsy Mae, I know its no longer Valentine's Day, I decided to use our favorite colors... hers being pink and mines being red...


  1. Pretty color/combo on this image....
    This card will surely lift her spirits up....

  2. Hey Linda, bet your friend will LOVE this sweet and special card. Have a great day.

  3. Somehow the SOG looks like you in here hehehe...I am sure that person will love it...;P

  4. Beautiful card to cheer her up! Lol...I know one ex. of fighting...full house!! Actually that's the only drama I watched completely and I love it! :)