Thursday, February 16, 2012

Yoga Anya

A dear friend of mine has decided to start a 60 day yoga challenge at Brikham. I went twice years back, and I recall thinking to myself, why am I subjecting myself to such heat and pain... I so wanted to run out of that room, but afraid of embaressing myself and causing a ruckus I stayed...
So to show her a little love and support I decided to make her a card using Yoga Anya from TGF.


  1. Cute card linda.. love the color/combo and bg papers too....
    Hop on over we have a birthday hop going on...

  2. Cool card Linda! I know your friend who will be torturing herself will love it a lot.. lol. Seriously cute!

  3. Very cute! I tried yoga before too! I got lazy! :(

  4. You are always such a thoughtful friend! When you have a chance come by my blog for your Liebster award =)