Monday, December 12, 2011

Secret Sister Swap

Yesterday I shared with you my premature project for my Secret Sister Swap. Today I share with you the card and tag I ended up sending to my Secret Sister. I hope she was able to receive it without a problem, and enjoy my little creation I made for her.
Up close picture of the card
Up close picture of the tag


  1. This is totally pretty, love the images and the colors are just so perfect... I'm sure your secret sister will enjoyed this very much...
    Did you just leave a comment on my blog, about joining my swap it wouldn't let me click back to the name..... If you did shoot me and email with your name and addy please..... thanks.....

  2. Shirl - Yeap, I left a comment on your blog that I would love to join your card swap. I sent you a email, please let me know if you received it. thx!

  3. Hey Linda!

    I love this card! So cute! Anyone would love to receive this from you!

  4. What a wonderful swap! These are super cute Linda! UR SS is going to love!