Wednesday, November 23, 2011

How it all started...

My crafting experience all started when I went to my first stampin up demo 10 plus years ago. I remember making a card, and really enjoying the whole process. Unfortunately, when it was time to actually put in a order, I recall being extremely price shocked, and leaving the demo class with nothing in hand.

Several years after I met another friend who went to stamp camps, which also featured stampin up products, she made the cutest cards and projects, so I was inspired to go. Like the first, I truly enjoyed going, still price shocked, but decided to purchase items selectively.

Not until about a year and half ago, did I dive into crafting… I received a bridal shower card from a girlfriend of mine, she used TGF Cheeky Cherry Rockability, and at that moment it was love at first site.

So several months later, I decided to put in my first order. I decided to give it a trial run thru. I ordered Birthday and Princess Anya, naively thinking I wouldn’t need to dive into the copic world, considering I’ve already purchased the 36 marker set from stampin up, and I made due as a kid with my 8 crayolas, 36 markers was a big upgrade… Boy was I wrong!!! So shortly after my copic marker order was placed and slowly yet surely I’ve accumulated a mass selection of crafting goods…
I’m still new at all this, and I’m always trying to learn new things and use new tools from my fellow other crafter bestie… I decided to create a blog to show my progression as a crafter…

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  1. YAY!! So you are finally here!! Welcome to this new world of fun and fabulous people who will help you out when you need, give lots of inspiration and lovely comments. Welcome to blogland Linda! So glad you can join us.